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Parallaxes should be the go-to partner for anyone seeking to monetize their TRAs. They are a patient, trustworthy and knowledgeable counterparty and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction. They are also extremely responsive – we look forward to working with them again in the future.


-Rishi Bajaj, President & Chief Investment Officer, Altai Capital, E2open Parent Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ETWO)


“My experience with Parallaxes was fantastic. I found Andrew to be transparent and upfront at each step of the transaction. They made sure I understood how they approached valuation, what was needed for a speedy close, and they delivered documentation that was fair and clearly written in the spirit of execution. You really can’t ask for more in any deal (transparency, speed to close, fairness). They also took the time to understand what my goals were for the funds and expressed sincere interest in being part of my go-forward story. This was true from both a deal team and legal team perspective. I’ve used the word twice, so if I could sum up the Parallaxes approach and team in one word, it would be transparent.”

Tigran Sinanyan

-Tigran Sinanyan, Former Chief Financial Officer, MediaAlpha (NYSE: MAX)

Manning & Napier

Gaining knowledge of the TRA space and market is not an easy task, the market is so niche that you cannot just Google it and learn anything other than the most basics. Before meeting Parallaxes I was not even aware that there was a market for the TRA stream(s) that we had required as the result of our going public. The folks at Parallaxes educated us about the possibilities and helped us attempt to negotiate a sale with our former company. For me the most impressive thing working with Parallaxes was that even after the opportunity to do a transaction with them proved no longer possible they continued to provide us advice and guidance when there was very little (actually nothing) in it for them. Not something you often see on Wall St. today.

Jeff herrmann

-Jeff Herrmann, Former Co-Director of Research, Manning & Napier


“Parallaxes contacted me expressing an interest in purchasing my TRA. After doing some research, I learned that TRAs were an area of focus for Parallaxes. I found Parallaxes to be easy to work with, responsive and fair and reasonable to negotiate with on the transaction. I would certainly work with Parallaxes again on other transactions and I would recommend Parallaxes to anyone considering the sale of their TRA.”

Scott Macmber

-Scott Macomber, Former EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Surgery Partners (NASDAQ: SGRY)


The Parallaxes team was a pleasure to work with. They were patient working with my timeline and explaining their process yet were able to move very quickly to get a transaction done when I was ready. Additionally, it was a seamless interaction with my company. I would certainly work with them again.


-Jonathan Scheiner, Former SVP, Commercial & Strategy, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure (NYSE: SOI)


The team at Parallaxes goes above and beyond to provide the right advice and solutions. TRAs can be a difficult concept to understand at first, but the Parallaxes team made sure that we fully understood our options and how to set them up. We were honestly surprised by how much value creation can be unlocked by TRAs. It does become a negotiation point in the deal so having someone like Parallaxes as thought partners through the process is immensely helpful. They really know what they are doing and are absolutely best-in-class!


-Saheb Sabharwal, Former Managing Director, CSL Capital Management, Ranger Energy Services (NYSE: RNGR)


Parallaxes is hands down the most knowledgeable and best partner for TRAs on the street. Anyone that has a TRA in place or is considering one as a part of a transaction or issuance should give them a call. Although we ultimately did not transact with Parallaxes, their guidance allowed us to better understand our alternatives and make the best decision for our investors.

Dave Bartlett

-Dave Bartlett, Ex-Senior Investment Professional at Lone Star Funds

Firlst eagle

“Very positive experience. The Parallaxes team was professional and the transaction was seamless. The asset was somewhat unique and difficult to value but I believe the value was fair for both parties. I would consider them again for similar situations in the future and have recommended them to others.”

-Former Portfolio Manager, First Eagle Investment Management

“Andy was great to work with – he clearly and efficiently communicated his diligence requirements, and shared insight into his process and valuation approach with a level of transparency that was very helpful. He works quickly and decisively. He understood the business and our objectives clearly. Once we told him the number he needed to hit, he was able to run his entire process including IC within a span of 48 hours, and that timeline was very clearly communicated to us so there was no misunderstanding. That was greatly appreciated.”

-Managing Director, Energy Private Equity Fund

As we were closing down a vehicle, we sought speed and certainty and Parallaxes was easily able to deliver on those fronts. The Parallaxes team allowed us to close a complicated transaction on a rapid timeline. We hope to work with them again.

-Britain B. Peakes, Vice President at HBC Investments

Working with Parallaxes Capital was efficient in terms of speed and execution certainty. They were thorough in their due diligence and during negotiations, they were prompt, ensuring a swift process. We consider Parallaxes a reliable partner.

-Li Tang, Vice President at iCapital

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